Helping you deliver the right deals at the right time
We help local businesses reach new buyers, drive foot traffic and increase average spending in virtually every market you serve.
Keep your offer private
Users must log in to the password-protected Haaken account before they can view your offer, click your links, or redeem your coupons.
Focus on the merchant
Longer-term relationships, deeper discounts, more exclusive offers, a superior selection, and better customer acceptance at the point of sale.
Magnet for new customer
Our App is tailored to help businesses increase profits, improve retention, reach new corporates, institutions and boost brand recognition.
Merchants matter
Our merchant network is well known among organizations for being the finest of its kind.
Yet we’re just as proud of our reputation among merchants for being the most sensitive to their business needs as well.
Our unique approach to merchant relations involves teaming up with our merchants, not just extracting big discounts at their expense.
We work closely with our merchant partners to help them create compelling offers that will increase traffic and help them grow their business.
A win-win-win situtation
We believe great things happen when people come together. Our discount and rewards solutions are designed to connect three very important groups: organizations, their members, and the merchant community.
The result? Everyone wins. Merchants tap into the affinity members share with their organizations. Organizations create loyalty and generate revenue. And members are happy because they save money.
Are you a merchant looking
to list your business?
Not only do we speak the language of the merchant community, but we also possess the relationships and resources to begin the dialogue in the first place.
Call us to learn more